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12:41 pdurbin     LyndsySimon: yay OSF + Dataverse: http://logs.glob.uno/?c=mozilla%23sciencelab&s=5+Aug+2014&e=5+Aug+2014
14:55 LyndsySimon TY :)
14:55 pdurbin     :)
14:55 LyndsySimon I take it they aren't on Freenode. I'm looking for their server info now.
15:54 LyndsySimon I joined and got involved. Thanks for the tip!
17:21 pdurbin     LyndsySimon: I saw! nice!
17:21 pdurbin     yeah, they're on mozilla irc
17:21 pdurbin     nice group of folks
17:23 LyndsySimon They have a forum for open science that I wanted to participate in too, but lost the link. Do you happen to remember?
17:23 pdurbin     their discourse installation
17:24 pdurbin     http://forum.mozillascience.org
17:24 pdurbin     huh. i wonder if they reinstalled it
20:57 LyndsySimon Looks that way. I'd answered a couple of questions there before.