Time  Nick         Message
20:08 michbarsinai Thanks. Had to go put the baby to sleep again
19:39 pdurbin      michbarsinai: I just forwarded you an email about this
19:35 michbarsinai BTW, how do I send the reimbursements in?
19:23 pdurbin      heh
19:22 michbarsinai So show me over https
19:21 pdurbin      I'd show you the thing that Raman and I are working on but it's a SECRET.
19:21 pdurbin      heh
19:21 michbarsinai (how very IQSS)
19:21 michbarsinai Er, what? Show me the data
19:20 pdurbin      michbarsinai: our talk was second best, after Mike's :)
13:43 * pdurbin    just got back from JavaOne. we gave four talks. good times