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13:25 pdurbin   bencomp: mornin'. I saw you fav'd https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/569569515123695618 about github org security
13:26 pdurbin   http://crimsonfu.github.io/2015/02/22/owners-of-organizations-on-github-should-carefully-set-up-third-party-application-restrictions.html
13:26 bencomp   pdurbin: looked like something I wanted to look at
13:26 bencomp   .. in more detail
13:27 pdurbin   cool, cool
13:27 pdurbin   I sent it to GitHub Security and they said they'd review it.
13:31 pdurbin   jeffspies_ LyndsySimon shauna: you're all part of organizations on GitHub. You might want to check it out.
13:39 pdurbin   bencomp: hey, https://apitest.dataverse.org/dataverse/b5 is going away 'cause I'm dropping the database for a build
13:40 bencomp   :'(
13:40 bencomp   :P
13:41 pdurbin   "Data will be deleted periodically." :)
13:41 pdurbin   I kinda wish I could put links in the description of a dataverse.
13:42 bencomp   it won't break the issue https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/1461
13:42 pdurbin   yeah, I saw that
13:43 pdurbin   maybe we could let people tell the app if there providing an alias or a database id
13:43 bencomp   tbh I couldn't find the requirement that the same API endpoint accepts id and alias
13:43 pdurbin   also we were going to rename dvs to dataverses
13:44 bencomp   all those extra characters… think of bandwidth costs ;)
13:44 pdurbin   heh
14:20 pdurbin   anyway, I mean /api/dataverses/alias/5 vs /api/dataverses/id/5 ... could support both rather than requiring that aliases not be only numbers
20:52 pdurbin   metamattj: oh hey, I left a question in your etherpad
21:16 metamattj hey
21:17 metamattj ok, I’ll take a look
21:18 metamattj The GoToMeeting client will download when you first connect
21:18 metamattj If you want to try it ahead of time let me know and I can fire up a session
21:18 metamattj lmk pdurbin
21:19 skay      do any of you have experience with running X things in docker containers?
21:20 skay      I thought perhaps yoh, mjturk, or pdurbin might?
21:21 pdurbin   skay: #crimsonfu might know
21:21 pdurbin   metamattj: yeah, let's try it but not now 'cause I gotta pick up my kids. Takes extra long because I can't ride my bike with all this snow. :(
21:22 metamattj k
21:22 skay      pdurbin: thanks for the suggestion, joined
23:36 mjturk    skay: augh, stupid lack of correct highlighting didn't pick up my name in irssi.  gotta fix that.  i have seen it done, i even read an article somewhere ... haven't tried myself, sadly.
23:38 skay      mjturk: sorry bout that. there was a little discussion in #crimsonfu starting http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2015-02-23#i_10163869 if you are curious