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13:53 pdurbin       rliebz: good morning :)
13:55 rliebz        pdurbin: Good morning!
13:58 pdurbin       rliebz: oh. heads up that the users endpoint changed
13:58 pdurbin       update for new builtin-users endpoint · IQSS/dataverse@a038a55 - https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/commit/a038a5579d6d3068081f5b693258d5c558e768a1
13:58 pdurbin       s/users/builtin-users/
13:59 pdurbin       part of this commit: Builtin users can get their api tokens via an API call with their userna... · IQSS/dataverse@bf59f53 - https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/commit/bf59f53c7cd1396f414347370ba70f1a62523850
14:01 rliebz        Awesome, that should make things easier
14:01 rliebz        Are non-built-in users something I should be concerned with?
14:01 pdurbin       rliebz: have you heard of Shibboleth?
14:02 rliebz        Nope
14:03 pdurbin       rliebz: do me a favor and try logging in with the TestShib IdP at https://dataverse-demo.iq.harvard.edu/loginpage.xhtml
14:04 rliebz        What's the TestShib IdP?
14:05 pdurbin       http://testshib.org
14:05 pdurbin       you can log in with myself/myself
14:05 pdurbin       from that Dataverse server
14:08 rliebz        Should I be installing the IdP? I've tried just logging into the dataverse server with myself/myself
14:13 pdurbin       rliebz: the latter
14:14 rliebz        I'm getting "The username and/or password you entered is invalid."
14:19 pdurbin       rliebz: are you seeing screens like this? http://datascience.iq.harvard.edu/blog/try-out-single-sign-shibboleth-40-beta
14:31 rliebz        pdurbin: No
14:48 pdurbin       huh
14:48 pdurbin       rliebz: you don't see something like this? https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/6wrP4xpRjvdFksN2nVdvCpAYxW1CjJfl5y1DCS3IfmypGk-p4-fSwf4LdPwVomqlsL77PgCKVsFYzKt_2NzLN-Edz1xxB9Zz_yMSA2giA2pJn7Yq_F86qoW6AvnHCUpIew
14:49 pdurbin       again, this is only on https://dataverse-demo.iq.harvard.edu/loginpage.xhtml not the apitest server
14:50 pdurbin       axfelix: good morning
14:50 axfelix       mornin
14:51 pdurbin       axfelix: I pushed the change that disables the ability to use passwords with SWORD: https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/1823
14:51 pdurbin       axfelix: you're ok with this, right?
14:51 axfelix       yeah, thanks for checking. makes me glad we got the API token auth support in there
14:51 pdurbin       no kidding! yay, Jen!
14:53 rliebz        pdurbin: I got it now
14:54 pdurbin       rliebz: awesome. so "myself" is a non-builtin user
14:54 pdurbin       non-builtin users will not be able to retrieve their API token from the API (but they can use the GUI)
14:54 pdurbin       I hope this makes sense
14:54 pdurbin       bencomp: shib stuff! :)
14:55 pdurbin       your favorite :)
14:56 bencomp       I would say "favourite" :P
14:57 pdurbin       so would axfelix perhaps :)
14:57 axfelix       it's true
15:01 pdurbin       rliebz: we expect many of our Harvard users to transition from builtin accounts to Shibboleth accounts.
15:02 pdurbin       bencomp: would you ever want OSF to be able to deposit data into your installation of Dataverse? Right now it's Harvard only: https://osf.io/getting-started/#dataverse . rliebz is the developer of this feature.
15:03 pdurbin       "Currently, the OSF only supports linking Dataverses that you have already released on the Harvard Dataverse Network."
15:04 pdurbin       rliebz: not to give you more work ;)
15:05 pdurbin       I assume jeffspies_ and LyndsySimon and rliebz are always happy for more users. :)
15:08 bencomp       I'd say yes, but I cannot give a definitive yes
15:08 pdurbin       just something to think about :)
15:09 * LyndsySimon perks up
15:09 LyndsySimon   Users? Yes, yes. We very much like users...
15:10 rliebz        pdurbin: I think as long as the APIs are consistent, it would not be too much work to allow users to choose between different installations of Dataverse
15:12 pdurbin       rliebz: I would wait for bencomp to upgrade to Dataverse 4.0.
15:12 pdurbin       bencomp: no pressure ;)
15:15 bencomp       pdurbin: just waiting for you to release… no pressure ;)
15:15 pdurbin       heh
15:23 rliebz        pdurbin: Are you aware of an issue on apitest that redirects users to the log in page from the home page even when logged in?
15:24 pdurbin       rliebz: shoot. yes. one sec
15:24 pdurbin       rliebz: please try it now
15:25 pdurbin       I need to update a script to use an API token rather than a password :)
15:25 rliebz        pdurbin: All better
15:25 pdurbin       sorry about that
15:30 rliebz        pdurbin: No worries
15:30 pdurbin       I'll fix the script in a bit.
15:43 pdurbin       trying to finish a feature
17:20 pdurbin       phew! pushed my code to a branch at least: Change "link dataverse" feature to be powered by Saved Search · Issue #1852 · IQSS/dataverse - https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/1852
18:18 pdurbin       rliebz: ok, fixed that weird redirect thing. it's what happens when the root dataverse is not yet published: https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/commit/a3a72de
18:20 rliebz        pdurbin: Thanks!
18:31 pdurbin       oh sure