Time  Nick      Message
10:37 pdurbin   bencomp: whoops :)
10:40 bencomp   :D
11:09 pdurbin   don't feed bencomp after midnight
11:50 bencomp   pdurbin: I think I gave some more reasonable ideas via email :)
12:02 * pdurbin looks at https://groups.google.com/d/msg/dataverse-community/K4mO9NJTxa0/IFU8WPzqVe8J
12:03 pdurbin   bencomp: hey! we have 3% test coverage, I'll have you know :)
12:04 bencomp   pdurbin: that's infinitely more than DVN 3.6 has! :)
12:04 pdurbin   heh
12:04 pdurbin   do you want to see the jacoco report?
12:04 bencomp   sure
12:05 bencomp   I mean, yes please! :)
12:08 pdurbin   bencomp: http://dvn-vm1.hmdc.harvard.edu/tmp/jacoco-2015-05-07/site/jacoco/
12:15 bencomp   pdurbin: so how did you create this report? I fiddled with jacoco, but I found it not as straightforward as Checkstyle, at least in terms of Maven integration
12:15 pdurbin   bencomp: I added some stuff to the pom (locally): https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/775#issuecomment-90921678
12:18 bencomp   oh, I had already seen that :)
12:20 pdurbin   then I ran `mvn package`
12:26 pdurbin   bencomp: is there anything you like or don't like about http://openhatch.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ ? shauna and skay are familiar with it and I think it might be a good example to follow.
12:30 bencomp   on first glance: it looks very complete
12:31 pdurbin   almost too complete ;)
12:31 bencomp   yeah, it's a bit overwhelming maybe
12:32 bencomp   it assumes the reader knows what OpenHatch is
12:34 bencomp   can you see the links between what I wrote and what this documentation has?
12:35 bencomp   (I do, but I too like to know so I can improve my emails :))
12:35 pdurbin   bencomp: what you wrote in the email was great. thanks
14:41 shauna    bencomp, pdurbin: one of the first links on the front page of the docs is http://openhatch.readthedocs.org/en/latest/getting_started/project_overview.html
14:41 shauna    Which is an attempt to say "This is OpenHatch!"
14:42 shauna    For those who are unfamiliar.
14:42 shauna    I recommend being very detailed and complete but displaying a "Here's a brief intro!" prominently for those who don't know where to start.
14:42 shauna    And now I must put my head down and get some work done today.  :)
14:52 pdurbin   good advice. thanks, shauna