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11:41 pdurbin bencomp: I'm asking the Netbeans product manager about the defaults regarding javac warnings: https://javabot.evanchooly.com/logs/%23netbeans/2015-09-28
11:47 pdurbin bencomp: and he's replying back. please feel free to jump in #netbeans :)
11:49 bencomp pdurbin: I'm in a meeting, so I'll lurk for a bit
13:22 pdurbin bencomp: what do you think? Bug 255606 – Allow per-project settings (i.e. which warnings are enabled) to be shared across teams via source control - https://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=255606
13:40 romainM hello
13:40 pdurbin romainM: hi!
15:02 bencomp pdurbin: I just sent you an email with the nb-configuration.xml that appears to have my project-specific hints for javac-warnings
15:03 bencomp I'm not sure if that is what you envisioned?
15:03 bencomp I gotta go now, see you tomorrow
19:35 pdurbin bencomp: there's a comment in that XML about how maybe it can go in the pom.xml file. Haven't tried yet.
19:40 bencomp pdurbin: I saw your reply, thanks! if it goes in the pom.xml, that sounds like you're really making it a Netbeans project
19:45 pdurbin hmm. well, that wouldn't be my intention... more to just provide hints to Netbeans
19:56 bencomp I didn't think it was your intention :) but I don't know how other tools handle netbeans-specific instructions in the pom
19:59 pdurbin no idea