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12:31 donsizemore  @pdurbin knock knock?
12:32 pdurbin      What do you call a dinosaur with no eyes?
12:34 pdurbin      a doyouthinkhesaurus
12:39 donsizemore  @pdurbin: i actually had a knock knock joke prepared for today!
12:40 pdurbin      who's there?
12:41 donsizemore  canoe
12:42 pdurbin      canoe who?
12:42 donsizemore  canoe run me through a couple of questions about shibboleth?
12:42 pdurbin      heh
12:43 donsizemore  these are more questions for your group, probably, but i didn't know if they were better placed as RT tickets or added to a GitHub issue or what
12:43 pdurbin      meh, I'm sort of the shib guy so please ask away
12:46 donsizemore  question one concerns the attributes released by any and all IdPs
12:47 donsizemore  your getting the "eppn" error points to the Harvard IdP, and I'm not sure whether to anticipate similar issues from any other IdP in the list?
12:48 donsizemore  the second question is a little messier but i'm imagining you all have run into it before
12:49 pdurbin      donsizemore: yes, only "eppn". Did you talk to Jan about this? I was assuming it was in your control but do I need to open an issue with the Harvard identity folks to get attributes beyond "eppn" released to the Dataverse server you run that's listed at https://incommon.org/federation/info/all-entities.html#SPs ?
12:50 donsizemore  getting the attribute released is really what i'm asking about, because Odum would like for its Dataverse to accept logins from any- and everyone
12:50 donsizemore  though a few key universities would be a great start
12:51 pdurbin      I'm still getting "Problem with Identity Provider The SAML assertion for "givenName" was null. Please contact support." at https://dataverse-test.irss.unc.edu when I try to log in with HarvardKey.
12:51 pdurbin      donsizemore: do you think anyone else will be able to log in? I could ping some people from MIT.
12:52 donsizemore  I sent that error message (and your Shib session, and log entries) to Jan on Friday. he responded: "From the log entry, it looks like the Harvard IdP is releasing only eppn to your SP."
12:52 pdurbin      Hmm. Ok. It sounds like I should ask my identity folks what to do.
12:53 pdurbin      donsizemore: it would be interesting to see if people from other universities can log in.
12:54 donsizemore  @pdurbin: i'll ask here at odum to see if we have any good contacts at duke or ncsu. i know a ton of people, but not well enough to ask them to type their Uni credentials into one of my test machines =)
12:54 donsizemore  2nd question is messier to me but hopefully easier to you?
12:56 donsizemore  jan, akio, sophia and i had all signed in with our UNC "onyens" to dataverse-test.irss.unc.edu
12:56 pdurbin      donsizemore: do you think if you get https://dataverse-test.irss.unc.edu listed as a "research-and-scholarship" SP at https://incommon.org/federation/info/all-entity-categories.html#SPs that I'll be able to log in with HarvardKey? I'm been told the Research & Scholarship category is important.
12:56 donsizemore  @pdurbin AH -- I thought we already had that
12:56 donsizemore  @pdurbin thank you, i'll pester Jan
12:58 pdurbin      donsizemore: to be clear, you're not asking people to send their univerisity credentials to your test machine. They send their credentials to their own institution's Identity Provider (IdP). The only thing you get is their name, email address, and eppn.
12:58 donsizemore  good point. i'll ask around here at ncsu and duke
12:59 pdurbin      Shilen Patel at Duke was a huge help to me.
13:01 donsizemore  perfect, i watched several of his training videos
13:01 donsizemore  but first i'll make sure we have the R&S bundle
13:02 pdurbin      yes, please
13:02 donsizemore  so, the accounts dataverse created under the local mini-federation are (were) fine
13:03 donsizemore  but when jan had me pull the mini-federation in favor of InCommon Registration, it tries to create the accounts anew and can't because the have the same eppn (or whichever identifier, sorry it's been since friday evening)
13:03 pdurbin      eppn, yes
13:04 donsizemore  jan's account i could easily delete through the API, but akio and i have uploaded data. i could just blow away the database as this is a test machine, but in case we run into something like this in production i didn't know if you all had a preferred method for dealing with it
13:04 pdurbin      hmm, so maybe you should delete the account? or convert it to a local account?
13:04 donsizemore  i'll try the latter =)
13:05 pdurbin      converting is better if the user has any data or history
13:05 pdurbin      you'll get to try out the new api call :)
13:10 donsizemore  @pdurbin any chance i could get a link to the documentation? i don't find "convert" or "local " in the Shibboleth or Native API guide pages
13:11 pdurbin      donsizemore: https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/blob/develop/doc/sphinx-guides/source/installation/shibboleth.rst#converting-shibboleth-users-to-local
13:12 donsizemore  the principle of maximum embarrassment: one will always overlook something obvious until one asks
13:13 pdurbin      heh
13:13 pdurbin      happy to get you unblocked
13:15 donsizemore  @pdurbin: -X PUT -d "dls@ibiblio.org" http://localhost:8080/api/admin/authenticatedUsers/id/2/convertShibToBuiltIn {"status":"OK","data":{"email":"dls@ibiblio.org","username":"dls"}}
13:16 pdurbin      sounds like it worked
13:33 pdurbin      djbrooke: morning. When you have a moment, there are a couple additions I think we should make to http://dataverse.org/developers
13:35 djbrooke     pdurbin: sure, come on by when it's good for you!
13:37 djbrooke     I also have a branch out there for changes to the installation guide - I'll get with Jackson and Eli about adding some more details in the Postgres section and any other feedback they have from Friday
13:41 pdurbin      djbrooke: I'll swing by but here are the links I think we should add so you have them handy:
13:41 pdurbin      - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/dataverse-dev
13:41 pdurbin      - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o9DD-MQ0WkrYaEFTD5rF_NtyL8aUISgURsAXSL7Budk/edit?usp=sharing (communtity contibutors)
14:30 pdurbin      bsilverstein: welcome! :)
16:34 bjonnh       hi
16:34 bjonnh       pdurbin: I just tested the institution login with University of Illinois at Chicago
16:34 bjonnh       skay: o/
16:35 skay         o/
16:35 bjonnh       Problem with Identity Provider The SAML assertion for "eppn" was null. Please contact support.
16:35 pdurbin      bjonnh: hi! skay just mentioned. Thanks! I'm sad it didn't work. :(
16:35 pdurbin      didn't work for MIT either: https://botbot.me/freenode/positivepython/2016-06-06/?msg=67373770&page=1 :(
16:37 bjonnh       well the shibboleth thingy of UIC is weird
16:44 pdurbin      oh
16:51 bjonnh       I'm not sure I have access to its documentation though
16:58 pdurbin      According to https://spaces.internet2.edu/display/InCFederation/Research+and+Scholarship+Attribute+Bundle if a Dataverse installation is listed in the "Research & Scholarship" category at https://incommon.org/federation/info/all-entity-categories.html#SPs the Identity Provider (IdP) is "encouraged" to release all the attributes Dataverse asks for:
16:58 pdurbin      http://guides.dataverse.org/en/4.3.1/installation/shibboleth.html#shibboleth-attributes
17:03 pdurbin      djbrooke: here's the "initial population of certain fields (if provided), later editable" idea for future development: https://docs.google.com/document/d/157sw9gaFGwrb0EtCGGlLMxSg0cooHfKEvIsjcebPcA8/edit?usp=sharing (out of scope for the current effort)
17:45 pdurbin      iamtimmo: do you feel like creating the Google doc for tomorrow's community call?
17:50 iamtimmo     pdurbin: Happy to. What's the topic?
17:50 iamtimmo     pdurbin: BTW: I will be on my way to the Connecting Pubs with Repos in Boston during the call, so will not be able to take notes. May be able to listen in, though. Flight is supposed to land at 11:50 AM, I think.
17:52 pdurbin      iamtimmo: no specific topic other than making sure Danny Brooke, our new project manager, is introduced.
17:53 donsizemore  @pdurbin: i've got Odum's application in for the R&S bundle. I was supposed to do that Friday afternoon/evening, but blissfully forgot about it over the weekend
17:53 iamtimmo     pdurbin: Okay.
17:54 pdurbin      donsizemore: cool. bjonnh tested from UIC. Didn't work. :(
17:54 pdurbin      hopefully R&S will help
17:57 bsilverstein pdurbin: for what it's worth - Anna Taylor responded to the ticket regarding the machine request
17:58 pdurbin      bsilverstein: yeah. Worst case we can wipe Windows off your laptop and install Ubuntu. :)
17:58 bjonnh       pdurbin: just ping me when you are ready for other tests
17:59 pdurbin      bjonnh: thanks! We're waiting for a server to be listed at https://incommon.org/federation/info/all-entity-categories.html#SPs but I'll be sure to let you know.
18:01 iamtimmo     pdurbin: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sCTBkTCepNSu8aSWm4_UQl4pKptVITGjwCotkEbsZV8/edit
18:01 bsilverstein pdurbin: I may work on just snagging the free win10 upgrade and dual booting, could have that done by tomorrow unless things pan out with the ticket
18:01 iamtimmo     pdurbin: I can't update the community call page on dataverse.org
18:02 pdurbin      iamtimmo: perfect. Thanks! djbrooke has access to update http://dataverse.org/community-calls
18:03 pdurbin      bsilverstein: dual booting is fine, of course. I'm trying to eradicate Windows.
18:03 pdurbin      yet
18:04 pdurbin      bmckinney: I gotta run but I'd like to know if you and pameyer would like to meet with Leonid this Thursday or next Thursday or ... please let me know.
18:06 bmckinney    pdurbin: thanks, this thursday would be great!
18:09 iamtimmo     pdurbin: I'll be in Cambridge Wednesday morning (flight from Logan at 1:45 PM), will you or any of your Dataverse developer colleagues be around? I'd be especially delighted to talk about a couple of issues with the migration experts.
18:10 iamtimmo     I mean: talk with the migration experts about a couple of issues.
18:10 iamtimmo     I don't have any issues with the migration experts. ;-)
18:16 djbrooke     iamtimmo: I think I can help. Let me know what you need - feel free to PM