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15:49 pameyer is jenkins down?
17:07 pdurbin pameyer: it's a sad story. Why do you need to reach Jenkins? I'm happy to ask for a hole to be poked for your IP.
17:31 pameyer pdurbin: I wanted to double-check that tests weren't failing on develop
17:33 pameyer I was seeing some failing tests on my setup, and was hoping to see if the problem was on my end
17:40 pdurbin pameyer: you want to know what's up with the phoenix server? If it's happy or not? Green or red? http://guides.dataverse.org/en/4.7/developers/testing.html#the-phoenix-server
17:41 pameyer DatasetsIT is failing on my setup - trying to figure if the problem is my setup, or something in develop
22:55 pdurbin I'll run the phoenix tests again on Monday. Have a good weekend, everyone!